Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Program

15 Nov

Strength and Conditioning Kettlebell Workout

The kettlebell  is a cast iron weight, it’s like a cannonball with a handle of various weights and used to perform ballistic type exercises working

on your cardiovascular system, strength and flexibility.  Kettlebells can be used as a strength and conditioning program for any sport or to

develop most athletic skills. An advantage of using kettlebells is that you can swing them in motions that are similar to various sport skills.

Swinging and lifting kettlebells are great for building strength and endurance for your arms and shoulders as well as the legs. Jon Hass, a long

time practitioner of kettlebells discusses the benefits and differences of using kettlebells instead of free weights.

Strength and Conditioning Kettlebell
Strength and Conditioning Kettlebell

Q: But obviously you do not have to be into martial arts to enjoy the benefits of kettlebell workouts…
A: No, definitely not. Although kettlebells are an excellent training tool for all types of martial artists, whether they train in traditional arts or more modern mixed martial arts, anyone can reap the incredible fitness benefits that kettlebell workouts have to offer.

Q: So fitness methodologies, making someone better, stronger, faster…that has a lot to do with kettlebell training, correct? How so?
A: Absolutely. The goal of our fitness training at Warrior Fitness is to make you better at what you do. Exercise selection and programming utilizing the appropriate tools for the job, in this case kettlebells, are as much art as they are science.

Q: Do you think using kettlebells in workouts are more effective than using traditional weight-stack or plate stack strength training machines?
A: Excellent question! A kettlebell is one training tool in the fitness toolbox. They are not necessarily more effective or better than other pieces of strength training equipment.

Q: As a beginner, how long do you think it would take to get through an effective kettlebell workout?
A: An effective workout should take an hour or less. Sometimes much less depending on the protocol and style of training used. For example, a high intensity interval training workout using the Tabata Protocol with 4 different exercises would take 20 minutes (4 minutes per exercise with one minute of rest between exercises).

Q: How do you ensure a “clean” kettlebell movement /exercise?
A: Use a lighter bell than you think is necessary. Practice. Groove the movement. Remember that all strength is a skill. Then, once you have the movement pattern down, go heavier. Once technique starts to deteriorate again, either stop or go lighter.

When you start a kettlebell strength and conditioning program, start with a light weight and focus on technique and control of the weight. Be

careful if you have shoulder or elbow injuries, because the nature of ballistic type exercises are to throw and catch the momentum of the weight.

Otherwise, strength and conditioning with kettlebells is a total body exercise that can be incorporated in any sport or to develop particular

athletic skills involved in throwing and catching.

If you would like to read more about this interview, read here…

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